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World Homeopathy Day…feels like it’s my Birthday😉!

To have a day dedicated to something I’m so incredibly passionate about does feel like it’s a special day for me.  

10th April is the birth anniversary of the German physician Dr Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy. On this day each year World Homeopathy Day is celebrated to honour Homeopathy, recognize its contribution to the world of medicine and improve accessibility to Homeopathy. Today also kicks off World Homeopathy Awareness Week until 16th April.

I see clients with a multitude of physical complaints daily and it is due to Homeopathy and my combination of therapies that my clients benefit from pathology change. Whether it is eczema relief or chronic pains diminish or persistent UTIs (that have been treated with many rounds of antibiotics) disappear or improve mental health, etc.

This valuable form of medicine must be given it’s due appreciation so that everyone can reap the health benefits of its most natural ways of health and wellbeing.

Watch this space this week for some daily info from the World of Homeopathy.

Here’s an interesting article to start with which will give you a brief history and background of this amazing form of medicine.