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Everyone deserves a healthy, happy childhood

I am dedicated to bringing that about for every child I treat.

My practice goes beyond treatments, focusing on the child as a whole person, encompassing their physical and mental aspects. Together, we can support them to grow up with the best holistic healthcare in place.

3 Rivers Homeopathy offers child-friendly homeopathy treatments and pranic healing.

Book your free 20 minutes holistic health call to know more about my combination of therapies to help you find out how I can help with your health and wellbeing in a natural manner.

Keeping Your Child Healthy

Rely on 3 Rivers to support your child’s health and happiness with the help of homeopathy and associated therapies.

Ongoing care

Ensure that your loved ones stay healthy with my ongoing care all year round. I can help strengthen their immune systems before the autumn, soothe any fragile nerves prior to examinations, or support them with whatever is happening in their lives.

Get that smile back

If your child is down or not feeling like themselves, let’s work together to get that smile back. I enjoy working with children and take great joy in bringing them back to happiness.

Growing up

Growing up is a time of excitement, curiosity, challenge and sometimes difficulty, not to mention plenty of bumps and scrapes. Look to me to be there for your child’s physical and psychological wellbeing, from their first steps until they stand on their own two feet in the big-wide-world.

Book a free holistic health call today and make my practice a dependable part of your child’s life.

My Top Ten Remedies for Your Children and Family

I know how important it is to keep your child in tip-top health, so I am giving away a free guide to my ten most important homeopathic remedies for the whole family. Find out how Homeopathic remedies can help and why today.

What my Clients say

Madhura, Uxbridge

A few months back my son developed a cyst on the upper eyelid and conventional treatment made little or no difference. Disappointed with my son’s recovery, I chose to explore alternative natural remedies.

I then consulted with Zerxes Ginwalla (3 Rivers Homeopathy) for my son’s treatment. Zerxes diligently listened to what we had to say and prescribed Homeopathic medication. We started seeing improvement within days and the cyst completely disappeared within two weeks.

Zerxes is a highly knowledgeable, caring and receptive professional. I would highly recommend him to those who prefer natural remedies without any side-effects.

Ms. KK, London

I chose Homeopathy because I am a wellness specialist and truly believe in natural healing and want to deeply resolve any ailments that I may have, and after much research and experience can conclude Homeopathy medicine is that.

The treatment is wonderous and Zerxes is a very intuitive yet logical specialist who is very in tune and knowledgeable about what one may need for which issues. But needless to say, I don’t prescribe to much other medicine besides this as I have seen phenomenal results and outcomes on all levels.

I have attended many Homeopaths before, but Zerxes has helped me achieve leaps and bounds in my healing journey for a wide range of issues. Am forever grateful for this earth angle in my life.

Mrs. RA, Hillingdon

Zerxes at 3RH has been brilliant for my son. I was very worried with his TICS condition and in a matter of 2 months all signs of twitching had diminished. I am grateful for his treatment.

Mr RA, Loudwater, Buckinghamshire

Zerxes is a knowledgeable Homeopath. He listens to you patiently and advises accordingly. I was also really impressed by his amazing knowledge of supplements. He has helped me deal with my chronic lower back pain with great success.

I will highly recommend him.

Mrs SB, Ashford

Further to having Homeopathy treatment for my husband and myself, we were looking to give our new born a natural start in life…Zerxes has been wonderful to work with and has helped us with both our baby’s skin issues (eczema) and issues around her digestion!

We noticed a change by the end of the month! We found Zerxes to be understanding, kind and professional in delaying with us. It can be hard to find a good Homeopath who knows their stuff, Zerxes was recommended to us and we have been recommending him too ever since!

Thank you Zerxes!

Ms M B, Bengaluru, India

Zerxes Ginwalla is very passionate about his Homeopathic and Healing profession and this clearly shows in his approach and handling of my medical issues. My experience with him as a patient has always been a pleasant one.

An avid listener, patiently hearing what I am experiencing was a major plus point. He has a skilful art of eliciting the right response by his indepth analysis. A kind and compassionate heart Therapist who I would highly recommend over any others.

Mrs Havovi Kanga, Pune, India

When my son was diagnosed with Dengue fever, someone recommended to try Homeopathy. This was my first experience with Homeopathy and I was so surprised to see how quickly my son recovered.

Even though we live in India, Zerxes was always on hand guiding us through the episode over the phone. We are grateful for his expertise and his guidance.

Source – Google reviews

It was such a pleasure meeting Dr Zerxes he’s such a gentle person and so zen!
Very understanding and patient especially with the kids. And has a number of remedies he’s gives for sos and just in case symptoms so one has a mini home homeopathic kit.

Interaction with him and his wife is so easy as they are so polite and respectful and understanding and accommodating.

Looking forward to healthy and healing journey with them ahead.



Fee options I offer are :


Initial consultation – 1.5 to 2 hours - £140

Follow up consultations - Each session is approximately an hour - £100


Initial consultation - 1.5 to 2 hours PLUS a follow up consultation for approximately an hour - £225

3 follow up consultations - Each session is approximately an hour - £255 (equates to £85 per session).


Homeopathic remedies, postage and packing within the UK and occasional reasonable support in between appointments are included in the consultation fee. Excludes Tissue Salts and Tinctures. Supplements can be purchased separately using my discount code.


Private Health Insurance providers provide cover for Homeopathic treatments in full or part. Please check with your Insurance Company for more information. They may require a GP referral.



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