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Enjoy A Healthy And Happier Life

You can choose to enjoy a healthy and happier life when you experience the benefits of homeopathy and natural healing for common women’s health and wellbeing issues.
Are you struggling with symptoms of menopause making day to day life more difficult?

Do you miss out on things you love because of period pains and menstrual health problems?

Do you feel like an unfulfilled parent in waiting and worried about your fertility?

If you would like to feel happier and healthier and able to be your best self, 3 Rivers Homeopathy can help you with a natural healing approach that can include hypnotherapy, herbal remedies and talking therapy.

To see how your life could change…


I have already experienced a huge improvement in my health and wellness…

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I was gifted sessions with Zerxes for Christmas. After my first session with Zerxes, I knew that I was in the best hands for my healing and wellbeing. Zerxes has a completely unique holistic approach. He treats not only the symptoms, but helps you discover the root cause of the issue and treats you accordingly. I have now had around 4 sessions with Zerxes and I have already experienced a huge improvement in my health and wellness. I am truly grateful for all the help and guidance I get from Zerxes. Thank you, Zerxes, for everything you are doing.

Ms DP, London

The treatment is wonderous and Zerxes is very intuitive…

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I chose Homeopathy because I am a wellness specialist and truly believe in natural healing and want to deeply resolve any ailments that I may have, and after much research and experience can conclude Homeopathy medicine is that.

The treatment is wonderous and Zerxes is a very intuitive yet logical specialist who is very in tune and knowledgeable about what one may need for which issues. But needless to say, I don’t prescribe to much other medicine besides this as I have seen phenomenal results and outcomes on all levels.

I have attended many Homeopaths before, but Zerxes has helped me achieve leaps and bounds in my healing journey for a wide range of issues. Am forever grateful for this earth angle in my life.

Ms. KK, London

Women’s health talking therapy and hypnosis

Periods and Menstrual Health

If your periods are stopping you from doing the things you love and you would like to be free from the pain from heavy periods and other problems that can hurt you as often as every month, ask me about our herbal remedies designed to support women’s health.

Whether your health issues are due to infections, tissue growth or diseases, I can help restore the balance of your reproductive organs, hormones and life through homeopathy and natural alternative medicine. Start now with a Free Holistic Health Call.


If you are worried that you are experiencing fertility issues, you may be feeling like a parent in waiting looking forward to having a child of your own. Let me help you along the road to a natural conception through homeopathy. To compliment this, we also deal with male fertility issues and offer a range of therapies that can support everyone at this time.

Relief For Menopause Symptoms

Do you want to find ways to live happily and healthily during your menopause? Homeopathy can help you to reduce menopause symptoms and make menopause more naturally manageable. I can offer you a choice of options including alternative medicine and herbal remedies to support you through this time of transition. Start now with a Free Holistic Health Call.

Emotional Wellbeing

If you’re living with symptoms of stress, anxiety or depression we offer a range of therapies including talking therapy and hypnotherapy, as well as anxiety homeopathic medicine and herbal remedies. Finding the right combination can improve your mental health and help you find a path back to happiness and emotional wellbeing.

Book your free 20 minutes Holistic Health Call to know more about my combination of therapies to help you find out how I can help with your health and wellbeing in a natural manner

Price List


FREE 20 minute Holistic Health Call


Initial Consultation

(approximately 90 minutes) £135

Follow up consultation

(approximately 1 hour) £100 individually or £255 (£85 x3) if THREE Follow Ups are paid for together (post initial consultation)




Cost of the homeopathic remedies, postage and packing within the UK are included in the consultation fee. Supplements can be purchased separately using my discount code.


Private Health Insurance providers provide cover for Homeopathic treatments in full or part. Please check with your Insurance Company for more information. They may require a GP referral.



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