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As we come to the end of 2021, I hope you have had a fabulous year and even though challenging for many I am grateful for ALL experiences.

As the relentless efforts to promote and propagate fear continues, I cannot stress more how important it is to realize that fear lowers immunity making one susceptible to infections. If you need to be indoors – play board games, musical instruments, dance, yoga, sing, watch a lovely happy funny movie to help create endorphins and boost your immunity. Have belief that we have our own innate healing systems that have kept us safe and will continue to do so. Just keep enhancing your health with organic supplements – my top supplements being Terranova’s Vitamin D3 with K2 and Beta Glucans/Astragulus/Vitamin C. For children you have Green Child Vitamin D3. Links below –




Feel free to PM me to get a discount from the Natural dispensary on these or any other items.

A reminder here for our Immunity Kits for those who are looking for a natural option to enhance immunity – a month’s supply for a family of 4 is for £29.95 + £3.50 postage & packaging within the UK.

Engage yourselves in Mindfulness, Meditation, walks in nature and eating healthy organic food so as to have a strong sense of self belief that you are strong.

For all the parents out there who take so much care researching the best foods, safest car seats, the best schools, the best activities, etc for your kids – PLEASE I urge you to research a 1000 times where their health is concerned rather than blindly following the current rhetoric. Remember they have their full lives ahead of them so choose responsibly.

Dates I’m doing appointments this festive period are – Wed 22nd Dec, Fri 24th Dec, Mon 27th Dec, Wed 29th Dec and Thurs 30th Dec 2021. I have a few appointment slots available on these dates so please book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. I will be on call all days for emergencies but only via phone.

I look forward to seeing you back from Mon 3rd Jan’22 with renewed positivity, good health and healing.