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Told my lovely wife I got her not one but many lovely early Valentine’s gifts. I wonder why she wasn’t pleased…

Terra Nova, my preferred choice for supplements and multivitamins. Whole, unadulterated botanicals; organic; no fillers and binders; suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Over the years I bought many good vitamins and supplements for our family (after extensive research) only to realise one day that they all were the same brand. It was when I did my training in Nutrition did I realise why I was subconsciously drawn towards this fantastic range.

Months later I reached out to their Head Nutritionist and understood more about their ethos and philosophy which resonated with my Homeopathic training. This led me to organise short courses for these products to other Homeopaths and I hear it has greatly helped their clients.

 Reach out to me for discounts on this range from my preferred supplier.