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The media is ablaze with the news that ultimately the jab is practically here offering nearly 95% immunity to the virus. Every TV channel is awash with politicians shouting from the roof tops that the serum has finally arrived and important decisions will have to be made as to who will be given priority to be immunized first. Further, they state in these few short months they have tested it on thousands of volunteers and declared it to be safe.

If you prefer a natural approach, there is one key element that is missing. We are blessed with our “IMMUNE SYSTEM” and it is possible to strengthen it by natural means so that we can remain healthy not just from ONE virus but provide a terrain within our inherent defence systems to have the innate ability to fight off invading bacteria or viruses without the risk of any nasty side effects from the medicine nor having the need to consume any synthetic chemical produced in a lab.

People need to be given an “INFORMED CHOICE” about their health care needs and within 3 Rivers Homeopathy, I have created a Special Immunity Package for just £29.95 plus £3 P&P for within the UK, containing the following remedies and more.

This remedy has been suggested by the eminent World-famous Homeopath and one of my mentors, Dr Farokh Master. Per his research, the remedy increases the IgE levels to fight the virus.

This remedy has been recommended as prophylaxis by Indian governmental Ministry of AYUSH based on the study of Chinese cases reported in the Lancet – Feb 15, 2020. Arsenicum is probably one of the most popular remedies with a broad spectrum of benefits which include dealing with “shortness of breath”, “Pneumonia from taking a cold” and on a mental level “Fear of catching an infection”. Murphy R.,2006. Natures Materia Medica.

This is a fantastic combination of specific Homeopathic remedies to further bolster the Immunity.
I have been prescribing the above to my clients and have found a 100% of them have stayed well throughout the first wave.

On Nutritional Supplements with Specialist Pharmacy with advice on why my choice of Terra Nova Supplements is highly recommended. Please note I do not work or get any financial gain from Terra Nova supplements or any of their subsidiary companies.

You are entitled to a free 10-minute telephone/ whats app call to ask any queries you may have in addition to the written instructions that you will receive.

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