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Monday, this week was a challenging day for me. Probably THE most difficult day in my professional career as a Holistic Health Therapist. My client who’s in her 70s – survivor of breast cancer and multitude of other health problems was given an ultimatum less than a month ago to get onto a toxic drug to reduce her high platelet count.  

The drug has many side effects and is used in treatment of blood cancer. She was determined NOT to take the drug and to continue her journey with me with natural therapies. The Consultant allowed her less than a month to turn things around naturally and so I had less than 3 weeks to put this into effect.  

Towards the end of the 3 weeks, I got her to take a private blood test to see how we were doing on the healing journey. We got the results on Monday and they were worse than we originally anticipated.  

I reconciled to the fact that as there was a risk to life with a possibility of an imminent stroke or heart attack we had no choice but to get her onto the drug. I had to console myself that 2 ½ weeks was too short a time to turn things around and despite all efforts, I felt a failure. 

The following day brought a MIRACLE. She had her appointment with the Consultant & was asked to take another blood test there. THE STATS HAD IMPROVED SIGNIFICANTLY!!! Seeing this, the Consultant was open to appreciating that something had shifted in the last 3 weeks to see such a dramatic decrease & has granted her 6 more weeks now to continue with the natural treatments and return for a review and that at the moment, there is no need to start on the drug.  

It’s a great sense of elation that in such a short space of time we managed to change pathology with intensive Healing sessions, Homeopathy, diet change and the wonderful Terra Nova supplements. A big thank you to all my mentors who helped me in this difficult case. You know who you are!  

BUT this would not have been possible without HER! Half my work was done by this amazing woman – so loving, strong and determined with a great belief in natural remedies and therapies. I don’t know what or how the journey is going to be from here on but I do know that if we both keep going the way we are, we can achieve it. There will be learnings and hard work along the way and I for one, look forward to it so that it helps others. Way to go m’lady and your amazing family who have always believed and supported us!  


Note, permission has been granted by the Client to share her story however, image changed to protect privacy.