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A few weeks back all of us at home including my elderly mum who’s with us currently, came down with Covid. It was quite a challenge to have to treat the whole family when I myself was poorly with it.

I have to admit that I never really thought that our bodies could fall prey to the virus especially due to the lifestyle we lead – organic food, regular physical exercise, organic supplements, natural treatments for any ailments etc.  

It was a Thursday morning when a couple of us started feeling slightly unwell and started with a fever and body ache. A lateral flow test showed a negative Covid result, however we began self-isolating immediately so that we don’t spread it to anyone else. What followed was a really intense flu with high fever, body pain, exhaustion and loss of smell and taste. A bit of breathlessness at times. Couple of days later the test showed a positive Covid result.

Having treated my clients for it I knew I had to be ready with a stack of my remedies by our bedside as symptoms tend to change practically on a daily basis. Consumption was up for Vitamin C (min 2500 mg) with zinc and many other supplements. We knew that taking Paracetamol would only suppress what the immune system wants to burn so we surrendered to the process and let the fever burn. Loads of organic chicken broth, herbal drinks and tea and rest – although that was a challenge with a little hyper-active pup in the house.  

Some of my top remedies used – Bryonia, Arsenicum, Phosphorous, Nat Mur and of course, Belladonna. This period was also a big spiritual learning curve for me as after 12 years of helping people spiritually, I was amazed with how much power there is in yet another new technique that a close friend helped us with. You know who you are and we are grateful for your help.

It was also a time of self-contemplation, mindfulness and healing those parts of the body – mind & soul that we don’t get a chance to heal in our busy lives. The icing on the cake was although my elderly mum also tested positive with all of us, she only suffered with mild cough symptoms as she consistently has taken my immunity remedies since a year and a half and thankfully had enough resistance to fight off the virus.

We Therapists unfortunately need to follow some of our own advice and take our own remedies regularly. In short what I learnt was supplements such as Vitamin D, Zinc, Selenium etc will help to provide a great wall of immunity however Homeopathy triumphed over everything else as Mum was the perfect example. She is one who takes very good care of her diet and has a very positive mind set. 

Covid cases in the UK are again on a rise so feel free to reach out if you or any one you know who is suffering from it. 3 Rivers Homeopathy can help you.