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Through this entire pandemic it’s been key to maintain our immunity. In the UK, we’re now back to the daily routine of kids back at school. We’ve now welcomed Autumn which will soon be followed by Winter which normally brings with it colds and sniffles. Now’s the time to start thinking of boosting your immunity up again if you haven’t already done so. Don’t wait until you feel poorly, start building your health up now to ensure your immune system is ready if and when it has to deal with any winter bugs.

At 3 Rivers Homeopathy we follow our own immunity regime. Our Homeopathy immunity pack provides a family of 4 natural defenses as well as a complimentary 15 minute consultation with myself. The pack for a family of 4 for a month is £29.95 + £4.50 postage and packaging. We’ve got a special offer for you when you buy the immunity pack for 2 months, we will give you the pack for the 3rd month at no further cost.

You also get discounts on any products purchased from my preferred supplier. The Terra Nova range of vitamins and supplements have always been my favorite as they use the whole herb as opposed to a portion of it by some others. Their products are organic, vegan and do not add any fillers and binders so what you get is nature’s finest in an easy to use bottle or tub.

PM/DM (whatever terminology you use for it😉) for further details.

PS – I do not get any financial incentive for marketing Terranova products. This is purely based on my own personal research for family and my clients.