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2020…. a year which is teaching all of us so much!

How many have lost their loved ones due to this global pandemic whether it’s been due to the virus itself or the struggles that it has brought with it. My family and I recently lost a very close and dear friend’s husband suddenly to a massive heart attack. His untimely passing tore through family and friends. While we understood it from a spiritual context, but from a human perspective it was very difficult to comprehend. We all experienced different thoughts and feelings. My own constant thought was “had I only reached out earlier”.

Thankfully my Homeopathic remedies came to my own rescue to help me through and I hope it provided that much needed balance and reduced the extreme effects of grief that his immediate family and friends experienced during those dark days.

Recently the New York Times broke the story about The Duchess of Sussex describing her “unbearable grief” after experiencing a miscarriage of losing her 2nd child with husband Prince Harry in July. It is admirable of the couple to speak up about the taboo subject of Miscarriage, to share this heart-breaking episode by going public and providing compassion for the masses who have suffered in silence.

The Royals are known for their faith in Homeopathy and so it would be great to know if the couple did resort to Homeopathy so that people are aware of the benefits of these remedies.

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Stay well!