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We’re already on the last day of Jan 2021 and even though a bit late in the month to write about this – well, better late than never!

Many of us refer to January as “Dry January”, “January Detox” or “Love the Liver month”  (after all the Christmas/New Year celebrations). I also recently read it is “Walk your dog month”, amongst other things.  

According to traditional Chinese medicine theory, liver is the seat of anger (could be hidden possibly from previous trauma). Excessive irritability and anger can impinge on the liver and cause conditions like menstrual pain, headache, redness of the face and eyes, dizziness, dry mouth and mood swings. Liver can also be affected when people suffer with high blood pressure, alcohol addiction or consume recreational drugs.

Liver is one of the main elements to detox the body. It is such a beautiful organ as it acts as a sponge and does not complain despite all the toxins that are thrown at it. These include processed foods, excess alcohol, excessive mainstream medicine, overeating, etc. The liver tries it’s best to quietly process all these harmful habits/items many a times, well until a ripe old age when it finally gives way.

Homeopathic remedies can detox the liver without harmful side effects. It also enables the vital force (innate healing energy)  and the immune system for a return to health.

As for Jan also being “walk the dog month” and why I chose to mention it is a little personal. No, we don’t have a pet (as yet) – fingers crossed someday…soon! It’s related to a special time each day that I now look forward to with our son during this lockdown. Little man absolutely dislikes walking and we realized that the only way to get him motivated is to combine it with something he loves. During our walks, he always wanted to play with the many pet dogs that we came across. So we now have our father-son special routine where we get a good walk and he now gets to play with the many dogs while they’re out on their walk…many who now recognize us and the owners are so kind to let us play and chat about their pet.  

Despite many of the sceptics on mainstream media posing that Homeopathy is merely a placebo, I ask the question how does it work so beautifully on animals too? There are many Veterinary Homeopaths within the UK treating dogs as well as other pets, even expensive race horses.

If you’re looking for a natural approach to your healthcare or for your pet, take that first step if you haven’t already.