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Are you one of those parents who can’t wait for the 11 plus exams (or any other exams) to be over? Has the pandemic delayed things?
How has this affected you as a parent and your child? Has it caused additional stress, anxiety and strain? I sincerely hope not!
If it has, here are a few tips to help you and your little one during this period :

1. An admin note – incase you aren’t still aware, many councils are allowing late changes to the Application Form so that parents can make an informed decision based on their child’s scores. So, check with your Council incase you haven’t done so already.

2. Children are a reflection of their parents. They unconsciously pick up on the parents’ vibes and they mirror them. It is vital to keep a calm and happy environment full of love, understanding and encouragement.

3. Take time out and speak to your child…many a times when they’re most relaxed is when they are able to express their true feelings. Ask them how they feel? See signs if any fears or anxieties?

4. Do your research and discuss your options with the child.

5. Ask them for their opinion on the school of their choice and see if this matches what you have chosen for them. Allow them to have a say as this shows respect for them as well as gives them the independence to think for themselves.

6. Each child is gifted in their own way so tap into that be it academics, music, sport etc.

7. It’s important to give them and yourselves a day off every week and do fun things.

8. Drink plenty of filtered water. Oxygen is contained within water and this refreshens the mind.

9. Listening to soft classical music can help children relax and creates a healing atmosphere in the house.

10. Eat nutritious food and avoid junk and processed food.

11. Get a good night’s sleep.
While my wife is of the firm opinion that its important to help kids face reality as it prepares them for the future, these are unprecedented times where just 11 plus or exams may not be the only stress factor in the household.
If you feel you or your kids require a little help to tide over this period, I provide a special package of Homeopathic remedies that can help the nerves and muscles of the brain especially if the brain is being overtaxed or mental alertness is weakening.
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