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How often have you heard or said “Homeopathy doesn’t work?”

I hear it so often and when I question (which if you know me well, it’s something I love to do😉) of why does a person feel that way, the answer normally falls under one of the following reasons below –  

  • Off the counter purchase – The Homeopathic remedy has been bought off the counter and potency/dosage has been guessed – both, mostly based on advice by Dr. Google. This has given limited relief but then symptoms have reappeared subsequently.  
  • Consumption – Adequate time has not been left before and after taking the remedy to ensure the mouth is dry and with no overpowering taste.
  • Caffeine – In a small minority of cases, excess caffeine consumption can antidote the beneficial effects of Homeopathy.
  • Strong smells – Use of ointment / muscle rub / perfumes / toothpaste containing strong smelling substances like Eucalyptus, menthol and the like can counteract the beneficial effects of Homeopathy. Ditto for those items that emit radiation like – your wifi boosters, mobile phones, TVs.
  • The Homeopath – Homeopathy has got different methodologies of prescribing and each Homeopath uses their own experience and training to opt for the methodology most suited to the Client. Homeopaths not only have to contend with the many toxins existent in a client’s life but also deal with the side effects of modern medicine. Hence why it may take longer to yield the required result.
  • The Client – Chronic conditions take time to heal holistically. One has to work with the Homeopath as each layer gets pealed off. Patience is indeed a virtue within this holistic field of natural medicine.

Do PM me if you’ve had not so pleasant experiences with Homeopathy and I’d be happy to help.