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It’s been a while since I’ve been able to post something. We welcomed a new member to our family – our furry adorable 4 legged pup and it’s been like having a baby all over again – sleepless nights, potty training, feeds, etc.

BUT, he has filled our lives with such happiness and fun that we now cannot imagine life without him. Everything now has a crazy and fun element – like school drop off this morning was a little adventure. All schools open so crazy traffic hence we decided to park along the way and make a run for the school gate. What a perfect time for our furry friend to decide that he’d like a leisurely toilet break and then another break. Anyone here who looked forward to going to school when they were young??? Not me but well, our furry friend doesn’t want to be left out so wanted to go to school too – he did try charming the Principal too but sadly that didn’t work and so finally I had to carry him away only for someone to think how protective I am.  And it wasn’t even 9 am 😉😉!!!

Anyway, moving on to one of the topics I’ve been meaning to write about for a while – ECZEMA.

The skin is the largest organ eliminating toxins from the body via perspiration. It is also one of the most challenging organs to deal with as from a client perspective Eczema is quite unsightly causing a huge amount of anxiety and aggravation in terms of itchy skin causing it usually to get dry and cracked (atopic dermatitis).

Conventional treatment involves using various ointments, creams, steroids and potentially anti histamines. In extreme cases, immuno suppressant medicines also tend to be prescribed. All which simply seek to suppress the symptoms.

The Homeopathic approach is very different as we strive to find the root cause based on the symptom picture. We consider the client as a whole which includes not just the body but also the mind.

My approach helps the body to heal itself with a combination of Homeopathic remedies, dietary changes, necessary vitamins, lifestyle changes and hypnotherapy/healing to help reduce stress which is often the leading factor exacerbating symptoms – all under one roof!