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Do you suffer a maddening condition that makes you itch? Or struggle with a chronic skin condition with a cabinet full of creams/lotions to no avail? Has the skin condition affected your self-confidence – unable to go swimming or wear shorts in case others can see your skin condition?

Do you know when we itch, we create a low level of pain that overrides the itch thereby creating temporary relief only to realise that it has worsened and are now in a vicious cycle of more itching?
Fed up having seen various specialists, done tests and been told you have to live with the condition…sounds familiar?

Homeopathy works from the inside, strengthening your internal life force, stabilising imbalances and creating a sense of calm using remedies that are unique only to you. In addition, I provide additional tips from the other therapies that I provide, including lifestyle changes such as eliminating sugar and dairy from your diet which can help sooth your skin.

I offer a free, no obligation 30-minute discovery call and can help you with your chronic skin complaint or other chronic issues. Email me info@3rivershomeopathy.co.uk