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 Recent media news has stated that the jab is a complete success. Since last week, I’m sure like many others in this field, I’ve received several queries from existing and new patients on my thoughts about this new jab.  So here are just my thoughts (not advice. Each individual is different and so should do their own reading/discussing with professionals on this subject) …

I applaud the efforts of all those Scientists who’ve worked tirelessly with the intention of creating a cure for this current illness within a few short months where something like this normally takes around 10-15 years.

I applaud the Governments who’ve spent enormous sums of money to fast-track research with the intention of creating the serum to help mankind get into some sort of normalcy and businesses to resume its activities.

I thank the people who’ve taken it upon themselves to trial this jab on behalf of all of us.

It is important to have absolute clarity on the safety of this new mRNA technology where such huge amounts of efforts have been put into, where lives have been sacrificed and lost.

Day 2 of the jab saw 2 NHS staff suffer allergic reactions post inoculation. Were these staff members made aware of the possibility of such a reaction prior to the jab? If the jab could react this way, why wasn’t it highlighted by the relevant Authorities at the time?

Covid-19 vaccine: Allergy warning over new jab – BBC News

As per Allergy UK, the UK has some of the highest prevalence rates of allergic conditions in the world, with over 20% of the population affected by one or more allergic disorders. (M. L. Levy, 2004)

Allergy Statistics & Facts | Allergy Information | Allergy UK

If this is being rolled out, it is imperative that

  1. there are resuscitation options available.
  2. the public is made aware of the potential allergy risks (which I see now mentioned in the media).
  3. The public is also aware that they could get an allergic reaction for allergies that they aren’t aware of at the time of taking the jab.

FDA reveals six deaths in Pfizer trial but says not to worry (thenewdaily.com.au)

Six people died in Pfizer’s late-stage trial of the jab as revealed by the US Food and Drug Administration just hours after Britain became the first country in the world to roll out the jab.

The FDA concluded that the deaths raised no new safety issues or questions about the jab’s effectiveness because all represented events that occurred in the general population at a similar rate.

Further, it was revealed that two people who received the experimental jab had died during the trial. Four others who died were on a placebo.

Why was this information not provided on mass media?  

What were the ingredients that were placed in the placebo injection? As far as I’m aware, these haven’t been made public. Were they just the adjuvants minus the actual serum? What steps have been taken to prevent this from happening again?

More importantly what are the long-term effects of an experimental technology such as this?

Yesterday the Health Secretary announced that we now have a second strain to contend with. Does this mean yet another jab in the near future as the virus continues to mutate?

How long are we going to have these lockdowns when the infection will cause a mild illness in most people and it is the elderly and those with pre-existing medical conditions that are at a higher risk and need to be protected?

Many naturopaths, nutritionists and alternative health practitioners have written to the Government including myself offering our expertise to naturally enhance immunity without any nasty side effects. Refer to my earlier post on boosting immunity. I once again hereby urge people and the Government to consider these natural options.

To conclude I accidentally clicked on Russell Brand’s video on Facebook which summed it up nicely and echoes my thoughts.


I encourage people to do their research as there’s plenty of information out there.