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Losing your job can be a big blow to most of us. We may experience a raft of emotions from anxiety and anger to a feeling of worthlessness. It is but normal to feel these emotions as it may feel the rug has been pulled from under our feet after several years of loyal hardwork.

Many people continue with this feeling which can be hugely detrimental leading to poor mental health in the long run.
I have provided a few positive ideas to help you cope with this challenging time:

1. Every dark cloud has a silver lining. Try and look for a positive within the situation. Perhaps you were considering a career change but never got to doing it. Well now is your chance to convert that hobby that you are so good at into your main source of income.

2. Know your rights. If you feel you have been unfairly dismissed, seek legal assistance. I have provided a link to ACAS which can provide a lot of info.

3. Manage your finances. Create a budget, contact your utility companies -many are able to help by providing a better offer. Explore price comparison sites and reduce your outgoings.

4. Physical activity is important to create a positive outlook. A brisk walk, a jog or a cycle ride costs nothing but provides such a great outcome.

5. Talk and network. Speaking with people and sharing your thoughts and emotions lessens the burden and may provide vital clues that you probably never knew existed.

6. Sing, dance, paint, play music whatever gets you energised.

7. Get disciplined & focussed, make a schedule it helps to have a purpose.

8. Take a break and go away. It does not have to be expensive and its still possible to have a great holiday within a tight budget.

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