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It’s been a busy few days. As promised last week, here are a few things that we, as a family follow (or try) to make sure we manage our own mental wellbeing and that of our child –

  1. Aim to have atleast 1 meal together in a day and all electronic devices turned off during this time.
  2. Encourage talking – discuss the day for each of you, what went well and what didn’t. It’s ok to tell your kids a little about the challenges you face in your work and how you overcome them. They are so intelligent that they make some interesting suggestions with no filters.
  3. An hour a day devoted to some form of exercise or fun. My post of 31st Jan will tell you of my little special routine with our son. Dance, walk, cycle, run, sing, play, paint, cook, declutter, watch fun movies, family quizzes (thanks to technology & the initiative by my little niece, we’re currently enjoying family “kahoot quiz time” across different countries and including grandparents!).
  4. Get to bed at a decent time.
  5. Daily structure – thankfully online schooling is giving them this but still one needs to be a bit disciplined with it. It’s important they get dressed & have a good desk set up. A good desk set up if possible is essential. I don’t only say from the point of motivating them to do their work properly but also to look after their posture, neck & spine especially. Many are currently needing medical intervention for lack of a proper desk set up.
  6. Encourage them to write and draw. This not only helps them with their handwriting (which may not be doing that well with online schooling) but helps the energy to flow from their minds onto paper.
  7. Ensure proper eating habits and drink sufficient amounts of water.
  8. Do something that makes you feel good as it elicits the production of serotonin, the happiness hormone.
  9. Get the kids to help you with chores. Not only will that free up some time for you but will give them the essential basic skills. Last year putting our lil man through online live cooking lessons has done wonders.
  10. REACH OUT! It’s NORMAL to reach out for therapy for yourself and for your kids.

I have found Homeopathy and the combination of therapies that I provide helps my clients achieve wellbeing they so crave when dealing with anxiety, stress, trauma and other mental health conditions.

To conclude, mental well-being is as important for adults as it is for children/teens.