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Whenever I get a new client, especially from India – the land of Homeopaths, I feel privileged.

Recently, I have been helping a young lad with his weight. Tests that we ran as part of the initial consultation sadly confirmed my fears of Type 2 Diabetes. On my behest Mum took him to the GP, who after taking further tests was open to the idea of treating it for the next 4 weeks purely with the right diet, supplements and Homeopathy.

The family rigorously followed the plan and regularly monitored the young man’s glucose levels.

As you can see in the Image, although we’re still far away from our goals, the blood sugar levels have dropped by a little over 35% within 2 weeks. Really pleased that we achieved this without having to resort to certain drugs which if taken over long periods of time can have detrimental long term side effects.

It also helps when Medical professionals are open to natural routes and understand the long term side effects of certain drugs.

If you or someone you know is in a similar predicament, explore natural options – speak to as many Naturopaths, Homeopaths, Ayurveds etc to gauge the most natural ways you can help yourself and your loved ones.