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My Story

My passion for healing began in my school years back in India where I was awe struck with my grandpa and his wonderful wooden box of perfumed pills. Even though he had never had any formal training, he read so much on the subject that he seemed like an expert. Today, as a trained Homeopath, I have so much respect for his vast amount of knowledge on the subject. To this day, I still reminisce about the smell every time he opened the homeopathy box.


We were brought up on a modest income and on completing school, my parents could not afford to send me to medical school so I opted to study Catering and Hotel Management and pressed the pause button on my career in the healing arts. My wonderful life took me across four countries and I loved the hospitality trade, particularly helping people to enjoy their experience in the catering establishments I managed.


It wasn’t until I hit a difficult spell around 20 years back that a restaurant customer said I needed healing to provide me with the tools to overcome the situation. A few sessions of reiki healing ignited my passion in healing and I started on my journey of studying alternative medicine.


My life then drew me into the world of health and safety where I managed a multitude of catering sites for some of the top caterers in the UK.


Just as I completed my homeopathic studies the universe decided to now spur me onto my next chapter. I took my cue by setting up 3 Rivers Homeopathy and saying goodbye to the corporate catering world.


I see myself as a facilitator, helping people like you make the changes they desire to enrich their lives.